The Pantanal Seasons

Wet, intermediate, dry and rainy: with every season, the Pantanal reveals a new – and surprising – spectacle. Marked by an exuberant cycle and defined by their extraordinary water cycle, the seasons are responsible for offering a totally different experience on the wetlands at each time of the year. New vegetation appears on the horizon, mammals come and go, thousands of birds cross the sky. Choose your favorite one and come and experience an unforgettable journey into nature.

An explosion of biodiversity

The Pantanal serves as a haven for the majestic jaguar, unique mammals such as the giant anteater and a multitude of birds. All this besides a huge variety of plants, which creates a true mosaic in the landscape. As rich as its ecosystem is the Pantanal culture, with an authentic local cuisine, daily traditions and a multitude of celebrations. For personal inspiration, we offer a selection of images of moments, landscapes and people that make Caiman what it is.