How to get here

We are located in the municipality of Miranda, state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Find out how to get to our refuge.

Packing Tips

Tips and suggestions about the Pantanal climate for you to make the most out of our experiences in nature.

The way to our refuge

Our address is: Estância Caiman, (unspecified number) – Zona Rural. We are located in the municipality of Miranda, Mato Grosso do Sul.

There are two airports close to the refuge. The main one, with most flight options, is Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul): it is 236 km (150 miles) away, approximately a 3.5 hours road trip. The other one is Bonito, with fewer flight options, but closer: it is 182 km (113 miles) away, about a 2.5 hours road trip.

By Car

The journey from Campo Grande to Caiman by car includes a long stretch of dirt roads, which low ground clearance cars don’t handle so well.

Most of the way there is no internet and GPS navigation apps may be of little use. Therefore, we recommend that you enter the destination in the GPS before the start of the trip and follow the directions below.

Due to the many animals that live freely in our refuge, it is not possible to drive inside Caiman. Guests’ cars are parked near the reception.

Driving directions from Campo Grande

1 Leaving Campo Grande, take the BR-262 highway towards Corumbá.
2 Upon arriving at the Miranda interchange in the road, turn right onto a paved road that leads to the town of Agachi.
3 At this point, follow the signs for Caiman. * About 300 meters ahead, turn left onto a dirt road.
4 Drive another 36 km along a dirt road to the entrance of the Caiman resort (right side). Just identify yourself at the entrance and wait for the instructions to park.

Driving directions from Bonito

1 Follow the MS-178 highway towards Bodoquena
2 Take the MS-339 highway towards Miranda
3 Turn right onto highway MS – 262
4 At the roundabout, make a U-turn, and turn right onto General Camisão road, and then turn left onto the dirt road
5 Drive about 35 km (22 miles) to Caiman’s entranceway

By Plane

We have an approved private airstrip, prepared to receive turbo-prop aircraft such as Caravan and Bandeirantes, but not recommended for jet aircraft, as the runway is grass and gravel. If you would like more information about our track, please consult our Reservation Center.

Como chegar na Caiman de avião


It’s time to have a fantastic experience at Caiman! Before you pack your bags, why not learn a little more about our climate to make your stay even more special?

Throughout most of the year, the average temperature in the Pantanal is high – between 25 and 33 Celsius (77F-91F). In the summer even the nights are very hot. In the winter, however, the temperature can change significantly over a short period of time, with lows of 10 and highs of 27 Celsius (50F–80F). Below we list some tips that can help you prepare for your trip:

Step by step

  In the Pantanal, we spend most of our day in the field, which requires comfortable and functional clothing.
  The sun is usually quite strong and intense: be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.
  The tours are taken in open vehicles, and most of them start early in the morning, when the temperatures are colder. We provide warm blankets, but it is always good to have a windproof jacket for the tours, even in the summer.
  In the winter, for those who feel cold easily, we recommend gloves and hats. Dressing in layers also helps you keep warm: a jacket or fleece underneath and a waterproof jacket on top.
  Mosquitoes are in the habit of keeping us company for much of the year. We recommend applying insect repellent all over your body before activities, not forgetting the less obvious parts such as hands and even ears.
  Also, to mitigate the presence of mosquitoes: we would recommend light-colored clothes, which attract fewer bugs, thicker pants such as jeans, longer socks, and closed shoes. Leggings, for example, are of no help at all with bugs.
  Long-sleeve shirts, especially dry fit ones with sun protection, are also a good alternative on hot days.
  For hiking and horseback riding, hiking boots with smooth soles are good options.
  For moments of rest at the refuge, we recommend lighter clothes and bathing suits to enjoy the pool.
  If you want to see the animals even more closely, we suggest bringing binoculars. If you like, you can rent a pair here at Caiman.