Last year, the Caiman Ecological Refuge, located in the Southern Pantanal in Brazil, was ravaged by wild fires. Something of a magnitude never experienced before. Sixty percent of the property was burned and the loss of wildlife and infrastructure was immense.

After 55 years in this region of Brazil, we must say that we are witnesses of how much climate is changing in this part of the world, producing extreme droughts like we had last year or excessive and heavy rain.

The Pantanal expects these extreme weather phenomenons in the near future and scientists have predicted this.

To reinforce our commitment to nature conservation, we are joining a great initiative Tourism Declares Climate Emergency in order to produce data and contribute by reducing our own carbon emissions through every effort possible, hoping this example can bring neighbors and local governments to the realization that combining efforts can make a major difference and increase mitigation and resilience for the people, local economy and businesses like Caiman whose “raison d’être” is to preserve the natural environment and protect its immense bio diversity.